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  Get in the know about the longtime love affair between Hollywood and Palm Springs

Palm Springs and Hollywood have always had a very cozy
cozy relationship. If it hadn't been for Hollywood's biggest stars from the 30s, like
Bob Hope, Cary Grant and Charlie Farrell, Palm Springs wouldn't have the panache
and bling it does today. And that love flame still burns. From 50s and 60s megastars
Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen to the hottest celebs of today,
Hollywood has always considered Palm Springs a home away from home. No wonder
Palm Springs is AKA Hollywood of the Desert.

Sure, times have changed but our thirst for the lowdown on the celebutantes,
celebududes and the latest couple combo nickname has not. So drink up! See who's
hooking up with, stepping out on and dumping whom. It’s all the dirt worth dishing, right
here in the Lounge.

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